Bethencourt Speaks to San Antonio’s Journal Club

Daniel M Bethencourt, MD Daniel M Bethencourt, MD

On July 7th 2015, Cardiac Surgeon Daniel M. Bethencourt, MD, who specializes in robotic and minially invasive cardiac surgery as well as performing the NUSS procedure for patients with Pectus Excavatum (sunken chest), went to Riverside California to give a talk entitled “My Experience with Plate Fixation in the Chest – Enhancing Minimally Invasive Surgery and Bone Healing” to members of the San Antonio’s Journal Club. Dr. Bethencourt discussed the use of a product made by Biomet call the SternaLock Blu system in cardiac patients.

The SternaLock plates are used by Dr. Bethencourt in many of the minimally invasive approaches he uses for cardiac surgery, such as port access or mini-thoracotomy. The SternaLock plates are also used routinely to help stablize the sternum when performing an “open” (sternotomy) procedure. “Open” approach is used for patients who are not candidates for minimally invasive techniques.


For more information about using SternaLocks, visit Biomet’s website or click here to view their Abstract titled “The Science Behind Rigid Sternal Fixation.” Or for more specific information about SternaLock Blu for minimally invasive approaches in cardiac surgery view Biomet’s “SternaLock Blue Minimally Invasive Overview.”