Aortic Valve Replacement Results

Over the last three years (2012-2014) over 90% of patients who had an Isolated Aortic Valve Replacement by a Bethencourt Group physician have benefited from our surgeon’s skill in using minimally invasive techniques allowing them to return to what they love most.

The graph on the right shows The Bethencourt Group’s minimally invasive (includes AVR by both mini-thoracotomy & TAVR) verses open aortic valve replacement.

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AVR Scar-1

AVR Scar




Mini-ThoracotomySternotomy/ Open

Expected Incision Size

2 inches

13 inches

Expected Hospital Stay

4 days

6 days

Expected Return to Activities

3 weeks

3 months

Aortic Valve Surgery Patient Testimonial

Oct 14, 2015
by Anonymous on The Bethencourt Group
Successful Valve Repacement

Call my case "Divine Intervention"! I was seen by a cardiologist and diagnosed with Aortic Valve failure. With no time to spare, I was thrown into the need for surgery and emerged from it within one week from my initial diagnosis! I really wanted the least invasive option in order to minimize the impact of recovery. Luckily I had the right team of Cardiac professionals on my side. Both Dr. Lam and Dr. Bethencourt had supported me with options for treatment. Dr. Bethencourt offered a great option and confidence that someone like myself could be a great candidate for minimally invasive procedures. His great background in these procedures, as well as his incredible bedside manner made, what I feel, is all the difference! In my case, the need for the surgery happened so quickly that my family members couldn't travel quick enough to be by my side. However, I had the confidence in knowing that I had perhaps the finest Doctors available working on my behalf. Thank You from the bottom of my (repaired) heart!

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