Atrial Fibrillation Treatment Results Through the MAZE Procedure

Our 2012-2015 data shows that 100% of people who had Isolated (meaning no other procedure needed) MAZE procedure were done via robot assistance, while approximately 75% of patients who needed the MAZE procedure in addition another heart procedure (such as Mitral Valve Repair) were able to have the procedure done via minimally invasive techniques which most commonly was done using the da Vinci Surgical System.

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Incision Size

1 inch

2-3 inches

13 inches

Expected Hospital Stay

4-5 days

5-6 days

6 days

Return to Full Activity

2 weeks

4 weeks

6 weeks

*Due to the nature of the MAZE procedure, hospital stay can vary depending on how long it takes for heart rate to go back to normal. 

Atrial Fibrillation Patient Testimonial

by Anonymous on The Bethencourt Group
The Best

I was referred to Dr. B by my cardiologist as three prior procedures including a traditional ablation did not cure my chronic AFIB. I am an active individual and to have my pulse racing to 180 at time was affecting my life style dramatically.
I came in for a consultation and like the Doctor from our first meet. He was completely present and outgoing and answered every question conceding the Maze operation in great detail to include photos diagrams and even a movie. I left the appointment deciding to go forward. His office staff ( Stacey) were on top of the scheduling and pre-op dial in. I had some prior fear and concern as the operation is invasive but the professionalism of the Dr. alleviated that for the most part.
The morning of the operation was like clock work at Memorial. The staff and the anathesiologist made me comfortable and before I need it I was semimawake and done. The days in the cardiac ward are somewhat hazy I was in quite a bit of discomfort. However my heart was in sinus and now two weeks later I am feeling wonderful and so glad I went forward. An added benefit is I lost 10 lbs and feel lighter with a spring in my step that the AFiB had taken from me.
Thank you Dr. Bethencourt you have transformed my life back into the sun.
Chris M.

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