Tricuspid Valve Surgery Los Angeles CA

The tricuspid valve is located between the atrium and ventricle in the heart. The valve has three flaps that help ensure that blood flows the correct way through the heart from the right atrium to the ventricle. Surgery may be required when the tricuspid valve stops working correctly.

Conditions Affecting the Tricuspid Valve

The tricuspid valve may be damaged as a result of infection, rheumatic heart disease or birth defects. The flaps that control the movement of blood may become brittle due to a number of factors. The most common forms of disease affecting the tricuspid valve include:

  • Stenosis – The valve leaflets become stiff and no longer open fully. This narrows the valve and results in restricted blood flow.
  • Tricuspid Regurgitation – When the valve does not close completely, blood may leak backward across the valve rather than flowing through to the ventricle. 

Tricuspid Valve Disease Treatment Options

After confirming that there is an issue with the tricuspid valve, your doctor may recommend nonsurgical treatment such as medication to treat the issue. If these methods fail to address the issues caused by tricuspid valve disease, surgery may be recommended. 

Valve Repair

During the procedure, the surgeon will stop the heart and use a machine to circulate blood throughout the body. They will then reshape the valve flaps to be more efficient. Valve repair is often the proffered treatment method because it typically produces overall better results, has a lower risk of complications, and eliminates the need for the patient to take blood thinners for the rest of their life.

Valve Replacement

Valve replacements are performed less often than valve repairs, but certain patients may require this treatment. Much like the valve replacement, the surgeon will stop the heart and circulate blood throughout the body by using a machine. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove the original valve and replace it with an artificial valve. 

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